Te koop: The Beatles at Concert at Sea

VLISSINGEN – Wat als The Beatles zouden optreden tijdens Concert at Sea? Dat is een onmogelijkheid waarover je alleen maar kunt dromen. Tenzij je kunstenaar bent. Dan kun je dat waarmaken.

Ernst Jan Rozendaal 22-05-17, 20:38

Dat is wat Frank van der Meijden heeft gedaan, de Gorkumse kunstenaar die zijn atelier heeft in Vlissingen. Hij is de voormalige manager van Doe Maar en Bløf, die dit jaar allebei optreden tijdens Concert at Sea. Tegenwoordig maakt hij kleurige kijkkasten met verhalende taferelen, vaak vol referenties aan popmuziek.

,,Omdat de twee grootste bands waarmee ik heb gewerkt op Concert at Sea staan, vroegen de jongens van Bløf of ik iets met het festival wilde doen”, vertelt Van der Meijden. “Als kunstenaar kun je een droom werkelijkheid maken. Zo kwam ik op het idee van The Beatles op Concert at Sea.”

Het werk is de zien op een expositie van Van der Meijden die 31 mei opent in The SmithDavidson Gallery in Amsterdam. Eind volgende maand wordt het geveild. De opbrengst gaat naar het Umoja Fonds van Bløf dat kleinschalige projecten in de Derde Wereld ondersteunt.


Born June 21, 1946, in Rotterdam. Lives in Gorinchem. Works in Vlissingen. Graduated from Teachers College in Rotterdam, then taught there for two years. [1969–1972] Co-founder & programmer of the famous rock club Eksit in Rotterdam. [1970–1980] Organized hundreds of tours for English and American bands. [1971–1978] Manager of Dutch bands such as CCC Inc., Slumberland Band, Finch, etc. [1979–1984] Manager of Doe Maar (the most famous band in Holland in the 1980s). [1984–1997] Manager of major Dutch bands such as De Dijk, Het Goede Doel, Flairck. [1998–2008] Manager of Bløf. [2006] Became first Dutch manager to receive a lifetime award. [2011] Made Officer of Royal Order Oranje Nassau. [2009–present] Artist in Vlissingen.

After working for some forty years in the Dutch rock business, I decided to do something totally different. I could no longer personally identify with the changes in style and skill in the music scene. I wanted to tell stories about life, about the human struggle to survive, injustice in politics, religion… about the things behind what we see. Or at least, how I see things. But I do this most of the time with some humor and surrealism, because I don’t want to be all doom and gloom about life.

Halfway through 2009, I started making presentations of my ideas in wine boxes. I used all kind of materials, which I collected from second-hand shops and flea markets like The Waterlooplein in Amsterdam. It was a personal journey to make compositions in which I could tell stories or translate my thoughts. Initially, I intended to just make them just for myself and sometimes for my good friends. But things turned out differently.

Just over a year after I started this experiment, one of my best friends saw what I had created. He was so surprised. He found my work very divergent and he liked it so much that he invited me to exhibit my works, just for one day, at his place in Middelburg during an event called “The Art Route.” It took a lot of convincing, but he eventually managed to persuade me to do so.

So on the fourth of July 2010, not even a year after I embarked on “my new way of life,” my very first exhibition took place in Middelburg. And to my surprise, I received some rather positive reactions. Then, shortly afterwards I was invited to exhibit my work at Galerie T, also in Middelburg. The interest from others made me rethink. From that moment onwards, I took my work more seriously and I started to focus more on what I really wanted to do: to create certain kinds of stories, presentations, or maybe cartoons, by using objects that are usually used in other ways. Barbies and statues of saints; action men and porcelain figurines; artificial flowers and jewelry…and so on. All of these elements are reworked and combined with paint, glue, fabrics, pieces of plants, rope, and all sorts of things that I come across. In many cases, I mix an array of different elements into one single presentation.

Sometimes I make these objects just for the sheer fun of making them. But sometimes I have something to say, some criticism of our society to blurt out. Many of my presentations have an intended meaning, but quite often you will need to find these symbols for yourself. You may also detect some humor and self-mockery in my works.

Representation: Smith-Davidson Gallery Amsterdam, Miami


La Parata Bizarra is an installation that measures nine meters long and is divided into nine “episodes.” It depicts my view of the repetitive nature of our Western way of life, as it has been since the dawn of time. Rough and unfinished. Yet at the same time, it reminds us of the sort of things that we may all experience in our own lives.

  1. In Principio
  2. A Bed of Roses
  3. The Schism (Barbies & Burkas)
  4. Ancient & Modern
  5. Metamorphosis / The Revolution
  6. Betrayal & Deceit
  7. Murder & Manslaughter
  8. Awakening & Restoration
  9. Everyone’s a V.I.P. / Every Day’s A Holiday



2017Expositie New York1 mrt
2016Permanent: Smith-Davidson Gallery, Tintorettostraat 3, Amsterdamsmith-davidson.com/
2016ART MIAMI29 nov – 4 dec
2016Art Montreux 2016 (PAKS Gallery)9-13 nov
2016Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven
Lokatie: Schellenkens Fabriek
24 okt – 30 okt
2016Carrousel du Louvre, Parijs
(PAKS gallery)
22-23 okt
2016Gorcums Museum, Gorinchem23 sept – 23 oktgorcumsmuseum.nl
2016KunstSalon, Herkenbosch15 jul – 28 aug
2016GAA, Tokyo, Japan

apr – mei
2016Art New York, New York, USA 2015 – Art Miami, Miami, USA
2015Art Silicon Valley / San Francisco, USA
2015Kunstschouw, Schouwen Duiveland
2015Kunstschouw, Schouwen Duiveland
2015Global Contemporary Art Exhibition, SmithDavidson Gallery (LSG), Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2014Art Silicon Valley / San Francisco, USA
2013Solo exhibition, Leslie Smith Gallery (SDG), Amsterdam
2013La Parata Bizarra, De Filosofie Nacht, Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam,12 april
2012Altered Barbie Art Exhibit, San Francisco,23 okt – 22 nov
2012Zeeuwse Zonden, Film by The Sea, Vlissingen,15 – 24 sept
2012Nazomerfestival Zeeland, Crypten van Abdij te Middelburg,21 aug – 1 sept
2012Crypten Abdij, Middelburg,1 apr – 6 mei
2012Theater de Wegwijzer, Nieuw en St. Joosland,
jan – mrt
2011De Zeeuwse Stromen, Renesse,
okt 2011 – apr 2012
2011Galerie De Zeven Zomers, Nijmegen,
9 nov – 18 dec
2011Galerie ‘T’, Middelburg4 apr – 15 mei